Video & Radio Links

Radio Podcasts

Listen to our Executive Director, Ara Marderosian, Mike Hudak (Public Lands without Livestock), and Todd Shuman (Wasteful UnReasonable Use) as they are interviewed on ACT Radio - (Animal Concerns of Texas) about wasteful use of water for livestock feed and how it is exacerbating climate change. The segment begins at 5:49. 

Wildlife Conservation Videos

A Sequoia ForestKeeper® video of 3 tigers in Ranthambore National Park, India. SFK believes that the protection of top predators whether at home or half-way across the world is critical to functioning ecosystems.

Magnificent animals like the Tasmanian Tiger went extinct because not enough people cared to fight against man's corrupt desire to cage and control nature. Sequoia ForestKeeper may be local, but we care for nature around the world and we fight for nature on over 2,000,000 acres.

Martin Litton Videos

"Transfer the Giant Sequoia National Monument into the National Park Service," SFK's President, Martin Litton talks about why transferring the monument into the Park Service is so important. YouTube Video - sign our petition.

Among the Giant Sequoias By Mark Frasier, 2006, The Sequoia National Monument and National Forest continue to be threatened by logging by the U.S. Forest Service. In this 7.5 minute video renowned writer and activist Martin Litton explains the history and why this continues

River Running Pioneer: Martin LittonAn 18 minute video by our friends at O.A.R.S. about running the river in dories.
Sequoia ForestKeeper Kern Foundation Live, 2013
Watch Kern Community Foundation's brief, two-minute video about the Sequoia ForestKeeper® mission, goals, and activities. 
News segment video of the sequoia trees actually falling on the Trail of 100 Giants and in which SFK's Executive Director, Ara Marderosian, is interviewed.
This 20 minute video narrated by and starring Jack Cohen explains all of the various issues with fuels and ignitability of a structure.  Start at 8:57 in the video to fast forward to his discussion of home ignitability.  
"Giant Sequoias Need Fire" by National Geographic, 2010
Giant sequoias, found in the U.S. Sierra Nevada, require heat from fire to regenerate. Now, sometimes humans intervene in Yosemite National Park to help the process.
"Giant Sequoia Time Lapse" by Jake Bobowski 2009
Giant Sequoia tree seedling time lapse photography from seed
A 40 second view of a giant sequoia from bottom to top, around and back down again.  If you've never stood beside a sequoia tree, this is a must see!