Ara Marderosian, Former Executive Director and current Secretary of the Boad

A resident of the Kern River Valley since 1987, with years of hiking and trekking experience, Ara has been writing comment letters and appeals against environmentally degrading and illegal USFS actions in the region since 1996. He has been and continues to be the Conservation Chairperson for the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club Kern-Kaweah Chapter. Ara was the point person for the lawsuit to stop the approval by Kern County that would have allowed development in all shallow groundwater areas of the county, and he helped the Natural Resources Defense Council create the environmentalist’s proposal prepared for the White House for the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Ara received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico State University in 1966. He is a member of the Audubon Society, Sierra Club, John Muir Project, and the Tule River Conservancy.

Rene Voss, Attorney

In October, 2008, SFK entered into an agreement for attorney, René Voss, to provide legal advice on a part-time basis. Rene brings experience, knowledge, and dedication in support of our efforts to protect the Sequoia NF and the Giant Sequoia National Monument.  Since he joined SFK, Rene has had several victories, including winning, both initially in 2010 and in appeal in 2011, the Fay Creek case, which set a precedent that will protect waterways throughout the U.S., and the 2012 Appeals Reform Act Categorical Exclusion case, both of which won favorable rulings in Federal Court. He applied testimony by SFK about the logging on the Trail of 100 Giants in the Monument to another, similar, proposed logging project in Plumas National Forest, which resulted in a stipulated court order that precludes the FS from using categorical exclusions from NEPA to log “hazard trees” from over 4,000 acres of Plumas NF, and which reduced the cut from 15 million board feet to only 50 trees. These trees must be left in place and cannot be sold for timber. Rene has written comment letters and appeals of logging and other harmful projects during his tenure at SFK and he led the effort in 2010 to write SFK’s comment letter on the new management plan for the Monument.

Alison Sheehey, Former Ecosystems Director and current Board Treasurer

A resident of Kern County since 1980, Alison has been involved in protecting the region's natural resources since 1985. She joined the Audubon Society and immediately began working quietly to promote a Coast to the Sierra migration corridor for wildlife with many like-minded advocates. She was Outreach Director for Audubon California's Kern River Preserve for seven years and continues to write her non-profit website: to educate about the areas’ astounding natural history. Alison received an A.A. in Anthropology from Bakersfield College in 1998 and has completed most of the requirements for her Bachelors in Biology with a minor in Geology. She is a member of the Audubon Society, Sierra Club, American Birding Association, Western Field Ornithologists, Kern Archeological Society, and the California Native Plant Society.