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News from the forest. Sequoia, Inyo, and Sierra National Forests are revising their forest plans. These projects need to be carefully monitored for their lack of grazing protections, monitoring for climate change harm to the forested ecosystems and the wildlife, for generous giveaways to the OHV community, and for logging in areas where it has been excluded. Logging green trees and large dead trees benefits no one except the timber and biomass industries. The San Joaquin Valley needs to get away from all projects that add polluting burning. Biomass is a ruse to destroy the forest at the expense of the respiratory systems of the residents of the region. Leave down woody material on the forest floor and use prescriptive burning and wildland use fire to clean up as nature does. 
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Posted by Ryan Allred on 23-Oct-2017 at 17:29:45 EST

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