Education is key to understanding that destroying forests has consequences for all living things


The mission of Sequoia ForestKeeper® is to protect and restore the ecosystems of the southern Sierra Nevada – including both the Sequoia National Forest and the Giant Sequoia National Monument – through monitoring, enforcement, education, and litigation.

By acting as the eyes, ears, and voice of the forest, SFK seeks to improve land management practices, to promote land stewardship, to enforce existing laws and regulations, to implement public awareness programs, and to offer assistance to local land management agencies.

What we Do
SFK tracks all living things in the Southern Sierra Nevada on iNaturalist. View and contribute to our projects. Sequoia National Forest. Giant Sequoia National Monument. Kern County.

Sequoia ForestKeeper®
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Phone: 760-376-4434

 Toll Free:  866-Keep Trees (533-7873)

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