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Action Alert: Upload a letter today in support of the beautiful Pacific Fisher!
January 28, 2015
Action Alert: Help Save the Black-Backed Woodpecker
July 23, 2013
June 24, 2013
This asks the reader to sign a petition to list the Pacific Fisher, which is currently categorized as "threatened," as an endangered species.

Aug 10, 2012
This is a comment letter submitted to the Forest Service regarding their proposed new Categorical Exclusion additions.
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National Park Designation would bring Economic Benefit to The Kern River Valley Nov 09, 2011
There have been many recent assumptions that transferring the 327,769 acre Giant Sequoia National Monument from the jurisdiction of the Forest Service into the National Park Service would be bad for local economies, believing that fewer people would visit the area if it were not a free access National Forest.  However, this is blatantly false and transfer of the Monument would, in fact, do just the opposite...
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SOS: Save Our Sequoias! Apr 22, 2011
Help Keep Roadless Areas Roadless! Apr 14, 2011
Federal Judge Invalidates Water Diversion Permit on the Sequoia Mar 18, 2011
On Tuesday, March 15,  Federal Court Judge Lawrence O’Neill struck down a U.S. Forest Service permit which has allowed a local rancher to divert the entire flow of Fay Creek, a tributary of the South Fork Kern River, for failing to ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act.  Fay Creek is located just east of Lake Isabella, in Weldon, CA.  Now, where a thriving creek once teemed with native fish, frogs, and insects, there is only a trickle of mostly stagnant water where nothing but mosquitoes can survive. Read More
Help Protect the Sequoias Today! Nov 29, 2010
SOS: Save Our Sequoias! Sep 29, 2010
Protect America's Forests Today Jun 05, 2009
Sign our online petition asking Congress to protect the Giant Sequoias
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Mar 01, 2008
Call your Representatives today to protect the Giant Sequoia National Monument Aug 01, 2006